Each of the features reads like the completion of my sentence 'I wish I had something that would...'

- Vanessa Gade of Vanessa Gade Jewelry Design

BenchWorks is fantastic. No other software helps you track consignment better.

- Liz Oppenheim of Liz Oppenheim Jewelry

I started exporting and saving PDFs of my line sheets any time a customer comes to my studio, or any time I do a show or have a meeting. I have an up-to-date beautiful and informational document right on my iPad, which fits in my purse or sits in the middle of my studio. I customize it based on what I think my customer wants to see, and I don’t have to overwhelm them with unnecessary information. It’s so easy!

- Tura Sugden of Tura Sugden Jewelry

I literally use it every day and I can't say enough good things about it. I track my inventory, orders, and manage my production with it. The line sheet tool is also amazing.

- Kendra Renee of Kendra Renee Jewelry

It is my go to tool for tracking inventory, wholesale sales, and consignment, as well as the best and easiest way to create production lists.

- Sharon Z of Sharon Z Jewelry