Track Consignment Inventory

Always know what your accounts have in-stock.
Send shipments and then process individual payments for the items that sell.

Create Custom Line Sheets

Easily create branded line sheets and production booklets.
Publish them as PDFs or share-able links.
Save multiple line sheets to showcase different products or info.

Aggregate Your Orders

Auto-sync orders from Etsy and Shopify.
Easily record manual orders for stores and direct sales.

Manage Production

Track incoming orders, aggregate them into production queues, and fulfill them when they're ready to ship.

Print Order Invoices &
Packing Slips w/ Images

Automatically get a PDF invoice for every order.
Automatically get a PDF packing slip with images for every shipment.
Make your stores happy by providing all the information they need.

Centralize Product Info

Store all of your product information and images in one place without having to resort to unwieldy spreadsheets.
Tag, search, filter, order, and archive products to your heart's content.
Include internal production notes for your assistants or future reference.

Track Standing Inventory

Track your production and always know what you have in-stock.

Analyze Pricing

Configure pricing models for your business to estimate and review
retail and wholesale pricing.
Record materials and product recipes to get automatic suggestions.

Connect with

Sync Orders from BenchWorks to Xero Invoices to get paid online and match to deposits. Optional Cost of Goods Sold Adjustment.

Gain Insight Into Your Business

Analyze your sales by product, account, price point, geography, and more.
Take advantage of our pre-built, customizable reports that answer important business questions you should be asking.

Get Setup Quickly & Easily

Automatically import products, images, variations, and tags from Etsy, Shopify, CSV, and more.
Automatically sync orders from websites like Etsy and Shopify.
Easily handle exceptions like one-off product variations, discounted sale items, and manual inventory adjustments.

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