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We believe in the artist and maker movement, and we know you do too.
When any artist succeeds, it legitimizes the market and creates more demand for artisanal, handmade goods.

We (and our customers) think BenchWorks can help, but only if people hear about us first.

So here are 6 easy ways to give back to the community by spreading the word!

1. Tell Other Makers :)

Tell your friends.
Tell your neighbors at craft shows.
Tell the people at meetups you go to.
Tell the folks you meet at the caster, framer, or printer.

2. Post to Social Media

Have Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram?
Post, share, or pin about us! Here's some great content to share:

Don't know what to say? No worries!
We've provided some of our favorite blurbs for you to reuse, mangle, or do whatever you like with.
You can also use any of our screenshots, logos, or images. Pick your favorite and right click to download or pin straight to Pinterest!

Click here for sample blurbs

Click here for images

You can also follow us on any of our social media platforms to stay in the loop!

3. Share w/ Your Professional Organizations

Are you a part of any local, regional, or national professional organizations, maker groups, or guilds?

Share BenchWorks with the group in-person, via email, or by posting to forums or Facebook groups.
Check out our section on Social Media right above this for content suggestions, blurbs, and images!

4. Tell Your Galleries & Stores

Artists aren't the only ones that benefit from BenchWorks.
Stores love it when their artists are organized, keep inventory fresh, and provide invoices and packing slips with images.

Email your stockists and tell them to share BenchWorks with their other artists and makers.
Here's an easy intro from us you can use, just put your own personal message at the top!

Click here for BenchWorks gallery intro

5. Know Any Bloggers?

Know any bloggers? Let them know about BenchWorks!
We fit great into all sorts of reviews and articles about
creative entrepeneurship, staying organized, wholesaling, and growing your business.

6. Go on the Record!

Have you had a great BenchWorks experience? Send us a quick testimonal to!

Want to be featured in an Artist Spotlight on the BenchWorks Blog?
It only takes a few minutes, and it's free press for you.
Email us at and we'll send you the latest questions!

Extra Credit: Postcards!

Want some postcards to give out at shows, meetups, or at community gathering spots like the local caster or framer?
Email us at and we'll send some your way!